Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Steps for Motivation in 2012 to "Do Better" "Live Better"

5 Creative ways to live for thought

1. Adapt = Check out what the world has to offer, and from it recreate something that reflects your voice.

2.Swim upstream = If everyone is swimming downstream, try swimming upstream, their maybe opportunities just waiting

When a problem is presented, search deeper for a solution.
• Change negativity into positivity.
• Where there is darkness in the world share some light.
• While others focus on the dirt dig deeper to find the riches.

3. Transform your thinking, on the edge or outside the box

• Don't throw the box away, within it are thing which can still be used.
• Believe, plan, TAKE ACTION, only then will you discover some of
greatest opportunities

4. Don’t Follow – Lead! (at times this may be difficult)
• Become the bright light instead overwhelming similarity
• surround yourselves with wise counselors

5. Refuse Mediocrity
• If it can be done better go for it
• Take the time to make it excellence (the best of you ability)
• "Work Smarter not Harder"

Be blessed in all that you do and remember
matt. 19:22 with God all things are possible

Monday, January 9, 2012

New innovative way of putting information @ your fingtips Library apps for your smartphones.
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Putting the Library on Your Smartphone